Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Dick Hodgins, Jr. Remembers Leonard Starr

July 2015: Dick Hodgins sent me an email with a heartfelt remembrance of the late Leonard Starr. With his permission, here it is:

Leonard Starr's passing came as such sad news.

In addition to being a marvelous artist and brilliant writer, he was a compassionate soul.
Combine that with a high sense of humor and wide desire for cultural endeavors and you've got Leonard. 
My son Richard worked at the Westport studio Len shared with Stan Drake, another comics legend. 
In the early 70's, working from photos, Len cast me in his strip "On Stage" as "Mr. Quakers" the host of a kids television show. I continually delight in the craftsmanship of that series.
At the time I was doing "Half Hitch" for Hank Ketcham working from my studio also in Westport, which resulted in lunching with Stan and Len. Great lunches filled with shop-talk, ribald humor and simply good times. 
Brilliantly creating a show business strip, Leonard himself was a class act.

-- Edited from a July 6, 2015 blog entry.

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