Friday, April 01, 2016

Juana Medina Graphic Essay: "A Decade in Immigration Purgatory: My Struggle to Become an American Citizen"

My friend Juana Medina writes about the long and difficult path to citizenship in her graphic essay
"A decade in immigration purgatory: My struggle to become an American citizen" for

As a friend, I knew some of the story. I think there is a whole book's worth of story here. 

Juana was all set to go into the medical field. She very bravely decided instead to become an artist. Even though it was the most difficult path, it was the way to becoming who she wanted to be. We talked about that during a teaching job we worked together a few years ago. This is all in addition to her immigration experience. 

I was glad to be one of the many people who wrote a letter of support for her when she needed it. She is a terrific, hard-working person. She lives in Washington, DC. She has taught at the Corcoran and now at George Washington University. She had a fascinating presentation at last year's National Cartoonists Society Reubens weekend. She has a couple books coming out this year too. 

And besides, her work makes me very happy! 


Her book JUANA AND LUCAS is available for preorder. 

And, of course, SMICK! is out. 

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