Friday, May 27, 2016

A Collection of This Week's Warm Up Sketches

Here are a few warm up sketches from the week of ... well, of what ever I felt like drawing. The trick is that one just starts drawing whatever they want and then fill up the page. A scene develops rather unconsciously. But, no I don't know what all these characters are auditioning for and I don't know what the dog businessman is up to. These are just oddball sketches.

It's important to experiment and to draw to explore.

These are drawn with the Platinum Carbon Ink Pen. Some greyscale was added with either a watercolor wash or a China Marker.


TomD. said...

I love the creative exploration in these. Is this how your cartoon ideas unravel in general?

Mike Lynch said...

Oh, I wish. There is no "one" way. You are always quietly scanning and looking and maybe overhearing people talking or seeing something in the news, etc. But there is no one way to get ideas that I've been able to depend on.

Unknown said...

Cool "Warm Up Sketches" :--->