Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Garden As of Mid-June

Above: the before and the after of planting the heirloom tomatoes and some other stuff. Well, not much to see here. And it's not even pretty what with the weedcloth on it, huh?

The excitement was Sunday night, when, in the dark, a bear came wandering by and took out the feeder. The bear ate the seed and the suet and pretty much destroyed the suet holders.

There may have been two bears; a mom and a cub. The moon had not risen, but when the bear left it sure looked like a twosome ankling it down the driveway.

I was able to repair the feeder (although one suet cage was irreparable), so all is well. For now ...

Oh, here's the garden even further back in time, around June 12th:

And lastly, from May, some endangered ladyslipper flowers growing in the wilds of the woods:

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