Friday, June 10, 2016

Mike Lynch Sketch Roundup

Here are some sketches from my sketchbook. Some are of people I have seen, but most, really are stream of consciousness inky drawings that I try to draw without thinking anything much.

Some people sketches. The first sketchbook page I took a photo of was through the trees, so there is shadow and light dancing on the page. Looks interesting or annoying according to your point of view.

Here are a couple more. These are all from the Arundel ME flea market last Saturday.

Some oddball stream of consciousness doodles next:

And this is from Logan Airport on Monday. This was drawn at a restaurant during breakfast time. Damn place ran out of coffee (!!!) otherwise I would have drawn more. Yes, really. The waitress did not want to tell anyone that their coffee maker had broken. They were snagging their coffee from another restaurant across the way, and then that restaurant said, "No. That's enough." The place was really crowded. I left before chaos ensued.


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