Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dropcloth

This is what I posted on Facebook on this day in 2011:
FOUND CAT. Living in our woods in Milton, NH. Friendly, shy, little. Right ear tattered. Meows at me in a friendly way. Don't think he (or she) is a barn cat. Looking at Petfinders, Craigslist, went to Milton Veterinary as well. No leads.
Well, yes, this fellow was found in the woods five years ago! And, yes, it was a boy, despite the two weeks when I thought he was a girl. Uh ... I'm not good at the sexing thing. Ha ha. 

Anyway, no one claimed him. So he became one of the beloved pets here and is now an indoor housecat.

He makes me smile every day. He is happy here, in his forever home. Happy kind-of birthday, Dropcloth! We love you! Here at home and on the Internet! You are such a cutie!

Oh, he's named Dropcloth because his tiger fur coat has some small blotches of white on it, like paint drippings, you know?

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