Wednesday, June 01, 2016

1986 NEW WOMAN Calendar

I remember reading somewhere that there's this guy in Brooklyn who collected all of those old AOL CDs. Seemed like we would receive one a day in the mail way back in the '90s. We used them as coffee table coasters. And we tossed them, because they were a common, throwaway item. Anyway, so this guy's idea is that this 1990s throwaway item will become something of value. Will those AOL CDs ever turn from trash to treasure? I tend to think not.

Here's an item, saved from the trash since 1987, that may be of interest: the 1986 NEW WOMAN Calendar.

NEW WOMAN was a magazine located on 215 Lexington Avenue, NYC (along with NATIONAL REVIEW, Yeshiva and more; it's a big building). It capitalized on that "woman in power in the board room and in charge at home" image. Although the magazine thrives in its Indian and European editions, it doesn't look like it's around here any more,

But here are some of the cartoons from this other time. And some are little treasures of funny. And, yes, there is value in that.

These are some terrific cartoons by top names in cartooning: Ed Arno, Tom Cheney, Joe Farris, Stan Fine, Lo Linkert, Michael Maslin, Harley Schwadron, Bob Schochet, David Sipress and others. It's copyright 1985 New Woman Magazine.

Here's Mort Gerberg, to start us off:

My thanks to Don Orehek for giving me the calendar. Thanks, Don!

-- Edited from a February 2, 2012 blog entry.

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Al Batt said...


Thank you. You have reminded me of how lucky I am to be a gagwriter who worked (and continue to work) with many of the exceptional cartoonists whose talents graced the pages of that fine publication, "New Woman." I enjoy your blog. Thanks again.

Al Batt