Monday, June 27, 2016

Bunny Bash 2016

It's a tradition that a party of cartoonists and their friends and families gather at Bunny Hoest's home on Long Island's North Shore. She graciously opens up "Hoest Castle" to something like 100 to 200 of us. I think this year it may have been about 150 people.

Here are just a few of my photos.

My friend Adrian Sinnott receives a Major Award from The Berndt Toast Gang, the Long Island chapter of the National Cartoonists Society, for his service.

That's Bob Lubbers in the chair, and George Booth at the mike.

George Booth is given a happy 90th birthday gift from Sandra Boynton.

George Booth draws.

Misha Gross and her dad, Sam Gross.

Mort Drucker, Bunny Hoest and Barbara Drucker.

Sam Gross draws.

Stephen Goldberg and Pauline Goldberg.

Arnie Levin and Sandy Kossin.

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