Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Creator of the PEANUTS Comic Strip "Charles Schultz or Charles Schulz?"

Some fellow named Michael (not me) for the YouTube Perpetual Motion channel shows us a lot of web pages in this 3 minute video. These pages confuse him.

Each page is an example of PEANUTS cartoonist Charles Schulz's name being spelled with and without a "t" in the last name. Sometimes it's spelled those two different ways in the same news article.

He is perplexed by these two different spellings, and is left without conclusive evidence as to which is correct.

Charles Schulz spells his name "Schulz."

You can call the Charles M. Schulz Museum and they will confirm it for you. Or just look at his signature on any of his thousands of strips.

The comments section, available on the YouTube page, is full of remarks. Some fly off into the hinterlands, springboarding from the Schulz spelling "controversy/hypocrisy," to expansive conspiracies of a global nature.

Here are a few:

"My collection of 60+ Peanuts paperbacks that I acquired in 1967-1969 Have always been authored by Charles M. Schulz ! And I have noted the misspelling of his name in newspapers for many years off and on. So don't try and tell me about some stupid Mandela effect conspiracy theory crap to make an excuse for your bad memory or your narcissistic know it all personality !"

"It was Schultz, absolutely, I read compilation comic books and he always wrote his name clearly on the last box of his strips . I remember just barely registering about a year ago his signature looked weird, but that was long before I started to add things up. Huge freemason coding in everything he did, Lil' Folks and Peanuts both share same gematria, 96, like Freemason, Stanley (Kubrick), Satanism, Destiny, Knowledge, Pepsi Cola (why Pepsi is the choice of a "new generation" and the drink of time travelers like Marty McFly)."

"Same thing with FAO Schwartz which apparently has now always been FAO Schwarz. Seems to drop T's and ending S's a lot, like Sally Fields now being Sally Field or Jack Daniels now being Jack Daniel's. The changes to the BIBLE are what is really alarming, though. The last days are here - this is our last chance to repent and put our houses in order. If you can see the changes to our reality, it means Jesus is calling YOU. Answer His call TODAY, there may not be a tomorrow."


joecab said...

Wait until he discovers the Berenstain Bears.

Bado said...

Newspaper headlines are written by staffers at the news desk who work late at night.
The articles are provided by news agencies.
Outlining differences between the two spellings proves nothing.