Friday, September 09, 2016

Pittsburgh, PA: The Toonseum's "Draw Me!" Show

The Toonseum just opened Draw Me! an extensive gallery of cartooning correspondence courses thru the years. John F. Kelly curated the show and I am glad to have contributed my Laughmaker to them.

Drop by if you can. The show runs from from August 20th to October 23, 2016.

All photos by Mr. Kelly.


Smurfswacker said...

Wish I could see this! I've always had an interest in correspondence art courses. I have some pieces of the Federal School program (which evolved into Art Instruction, the "Draw Me" school). It has a mishmash of stuff from early cartoonists like Frank Wing and Jay Darling. I get the impression that Charles "Bart" Bartholomew cobbled the program together from stuff donated by his cartoonist friends. Lots of fun.

John F. Kelly said...

Thanks Mike! For people unable to get out to the show, we are selling catalogs with some great images...though there's no the catalog can fully capture it. There's close to 200 rare pieces in the show and I could have put up twice as many if I had enough space. Anyone interested in a catalog ($3) or one of the several t-shirts ($15) or bags ($10) can email me at
John Kelly