Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Garden As of September 1, 2016

A bunch of tiny eggplants are coming in!

Below are the three raised beds and some closer shots.

Below are two way-too-big basil plants. They are flowering and I know you should pinch the flowers off, or in gardening lingo "dead head" them. But the bees love love love these blooms so phooey: let the bees have at it! Behind them are some peppers and the eggplants.

The tomato plants are big and sprawling.

But the tomatoes need a bit more time to ripen. A late harvest since we were late (mid-June) to begin this year. 

Some peppers:

And here are some flowers.

And the milkweed is here, but no monarch caterpillars appeared to munch on them and spin their cocoons.

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BobbyG said...

Lookin' good!