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Dick Buchanan: Gag Cartoon Clip File 1947-62

Above: ORLANDO BUSINO. A cartoonist’s cartoonist, Busino was NCS Gag Cartoonist of the Year an incredible three years out of four—1965, 1967 and 1968. 1000 Jokes Magazine, Jun-Aug, 1962.

Now is the time for me to showcase some of Dick Buchanan's gag cartoons that he has clipped through the decades as samples of great single panels of the form. Dick is a friend of this blog and I am grateful that he has chosen to share his private stash with everyone here. Here's some of Dick Buchanan's great clip file, and, listed below, are links to his other gag cartoon clip collections that have appeared here in the past. Take it away, Dick!

TOM HUDSON. Hudson was an great inkslinger with wit and aplomb, heavy on the aplomb. For Laughing Out Loud, Jan-Mar 1958.

MORT TEMES. The Saturday Evening Post, April 27, 1957.

IRWIN CAPLAN. In 1972 Caplan received the NCS Advertising & Illustration Award and the Advertising Award in 1981. The American Legion Magazine, May,1949.

MARTHA BLANCHARD. Maybe the best cartoonist never in The New Yorker. Her work was always first class. The Saturday Evening Post, July 10, 1954.

GEORGE LA MENDOLA changed his name to GEORGE DOLE in 1952. American Magazine, January,1950.

GEORGE LA MENDOLA (GEORGE DOLE) 1000 Jokes Magazine, Spring, 1950.

BOB KRAUS. New Yorker cartoonist, cover artist, illustrator & publisher. Collier’s, February 7, 1953.

LEO SALKIN. One of the WWII era animators who deserted Hollywood and was a successful gag cartoonist. Judge, March,1947.

AL KAUFMAN. This is 1955 in a nutshell. I’d say, if there’s pool in the back yard, “buy” 1000 Jokes Magazine, May,1955.

HARRY LYONS. Collier’s, June 24, 1955

AL WISEMAN. He was Hank Ketcham’s assistant, drawing the Sunday Dennis the Menace pages in the early years of the strip. Judge, February, 1947.

MORT WALKER. Early gag cartoon from famed Beetle Bailey creator. American Magazine, June, 1949.

TOM WESSELMANN. The painter, sculptor, collagist, one of the major artists of New York Pop Art first aspired to be a gag cartoonist. While at studying at Cooper Union he sold a few cartoons before making a commitment to painting. For Laughing Out Loud, Jul-Sep, 1957.

JEFF KEATE. Another 1955 classic. The more you look at veteran Keate’s car, the more you marvel. That was one of the fancy extras. American Legion Magazine, June, 1955.

More great old gag cartoons from the Dick Buchanan collection:

Dick Buchanan: Gag Cartoon Clip File 1946-64

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