Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scott Adams on Presidential Politics

Above: Scott Adams and Kristina Basham watch the second presidential debate.

DILBERT cartoonist Scott Adams has been in the news and on a few talk shows recently. It's not to talk about DILBERT, but to talk about politics. On Bill Maher's show, he predicted Trump would win.

In Hillary Supporters Push Cartoonist to Disavow Trump, so He Endorses Johnson, Mr. Adams reasons it thus:

"I encourage all Clinton supporters to do the same, and for the same reason. I don’t know if any of the allegations against the Clinton’s [sic] are true, but since we are judging each other on associations, you don’t want to be seen as supporting sex abuse by putting an alleged duo of abusers (the perp and the clean-up crew) into office. I think you will agree that it doesn’t matter if any of the allegations are true, because the stink from a mountain of allegations – many that seem credible to observers – is bad for the national brand too. To even consider putting the Clinton’s [sic] back in the White House is an insult to women and every survivor of abuse."

Read the entire article here.

And here is the video of Mr. Adams and Instagram model (and his girlfriend) Kristina Basham as they watch and react to the second presidential debate of last Sunday.

Mr. Adams' reasoning -- that since one candidate is judged on associations, then they both should -- is a flimsy one. But he is entitled to his opinion. The video, however, is unnerving. Adams makes some remarks over the 90 minutes while his girlfriend looks off in the distance, in what appears to be a sad, distant way. I don't know what the video is supposed to be, or what we are to make of it. But ....

... There it is. 

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