Tuesday, October 04, 2016

SUPERMAN (1978) Movie Titles

The Superman movie, when it was released in 1978, was a big deal. But would today's audiences really stay in their seats for THIS?

It's the five minute opening title sequence. FIVE MINUTES.

Give it a whirl. Click the play button and force yourself to watch every name on there. Sure, these laser titles were a cool thing back then and were specially developed for the feature, but FIVE FRIKKIN' MINUTES of John Williams music telling you "this is exciting" while looking at name after name. "No, John, this isn't exciting. Get to the damn plot already." Try to force yourself to be in the 1978 mall multiplex movie theatre and watch. Pretend you are captive to them. It's a long time. And I bet today's moviegoers would walk out.

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Matt Bradshaw said...

For years this was my favorite movie. I saw it twice on its initial theatrical run, then whenever it was on TV, then VHS, then DVD, and if I missed the opening credits I felt cheated. Now, though, it's so badly dated (not just the opening credits, mind you) that all the fun has gone out of it.