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Dick Buchanan: Gag Cartoon Clip File 1931-64

Occasionally, my friend in Greenwich Village, Dick Buchanan, sends along some choice single panel gag cartoons to share with us and we are fortunate once again to be the recipients of some old gems from his clip files.

So, with a public thank you, here's Dick Buchanan with fifteen more cartoons culled from major publications between 1931 and 1964. Again, thank you for sharing these, Dick:

I have sifted through my dusty files and assembled another group of mid-century gag cartoons by some really great cartoonists. I you like to laugh, and who doesn't? I think you'll agree.

MISCHA RICHTER. No one nailed the 1% better than the great Mischa Richter, New Yorker stalwart. 1974 NCS Gag Cartoonist of the Year, & 1979 NCS Advertising & Illustrator of Year. Collier’s. September 11, 1948.

PERRY BARLOW. Another New Yorker cartoonist and illustrator, best remembered for his superb covers. The Saturday Evening Post. October 17, 1953.

BOB BARNES. Contrary to popular opinion, all was not rosey for mid-century husbands. As a matter of fact, they took quite a beating. Husbands in traction were a hilarious stock situation. The Saturday Evening Post. October 22, 1960.

HANK KETCHAM. One purpose of a cartoonists clip file was for reference when drawing props. As one might imagine, the very best source was often HANK KETCHAM. Here’s his traction setup. The Saturday Evening Post. c. 1950’s.

LEE LORENZ. Lorenz had not yet made The New Yorker when this cartoon appeared in FOR LAUGHING OUT LOUD. July-Sep, 1957. 

GARDNER REA. One of the original contributing New Yorker cartoonists. By 1925 he was already a major cartoonist and cover illustrator. He may have been a greater gag writer--he wrote most of his own gags and many more for other cartoonists. The Saturday Evening Post. Jan 13 1951.

FRANK RIDGEWAY. Through 1950’s & ‘60’s Ridgeway continued to be a popular gag cartoonist while producing Mr. Abernathy. 1000 Jokes Magazine. Sep-Nov 1964.

ROBERT WEBER. There were two great cartooning Webers; one was ROBERT whose lush brush strokes and washes graced the slick magazines especially The New Yorker. Look Magazine. December 3, 1963.

BOB WEBER was the other BOB. His cartoons burst with energy. His characters were moving even when they were standing still. 1000 Jokes Magazine. Sep-Nov 1964.

The BERENSTAINS. Stan and Jan began their massive Berenstain Bear cartoon empire in the 1940’s with family oriented gag cartoons for major magazines. American Legion Magazine. 1949

The SEYMOURS. No such luck for the Seymours, but a nifty “one hit wonder” from American Legion. October,1955.

WILLIAM STEIG. TRUE, September, 1949. Once dubbed “The King of Cartoons” Mr. Steig is at his best. He was, after all, the King.

WILLIAM STEIG. A fine example Steig’s technique from his early years, which only shows Mr. Steig was always at his best. LIFE. September, 1931.

WILLIAM F. BROWN. Bluebook. August. 1955.

AN VAN WESSUM. Van Wessum began appearing in Dutch newspapers in 1953. Later Punch, Playboy and Look. This offbeat classic is from FOR LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Apr-Jun, 1964.

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JAN VAN WESSUM is cartoonist Wessum's correct name. Sorry for error.