Friday, February 16, 2018

Joe Wos: "My Statement On the Closing of the ToonSeum"

The ToonSeum, a cartoon museum in Pittsburgh, departs its physical location on February 24th. It will continue to exist, creating events throughout the region over the next year.

Joe Wos began the ToonSeum and ran it for its first seven years. Here's his statement, which he shared on his Facebook page. I asked and received permission to share it here:

"My statement on the closing of the ToonSeum: I am the founder and former executive director of the ToonSeum. I ran the museum for more than seven years and watched it grow and evolve into one of the nation’s finest cartoon art museums. However, since departing over four years ago, I have had little contact with the museum and am no longer affiliated with it in any way. My personal feeling on the closing of the ToonSeum's Downtown location is one of sadness and regret. For over a decade, the ToonSeum was a unique hub for geek culture and fans. I am saddened to see that chapter come to an end. I do not know what the organization’s plans are for the future, but I do wish them luck in whatever direction they take. While I do have strong feelings about what the ToonSeum's mission is and what it should be, it is no longer my position or place to try and guide that mission. I am hopeful that the foundations that helped fund the ToonSeum can provide oversight and advice to them in what will likely be a difficult transition. Pittsburgh, with or without the ToonSeum, will always be a center of geek culture and fandom. A building is just a bunch of bricks. The ToonSeum was built by and for its fans, and that spirit will live on no matter what shape or form the ToonSeum takes. As Stan the Man would say ... 'Excelsior!'"

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