Friday, February 16, 2018

Sketching with Bill Woodman and John Klossner

I had a good day yesterday, sketching people at the Maine Mall with fellow cartoonists John Klossner and Bill Woodman. We spent a couple of hours there, at the food court, sitting together at a table. No one noticed us (which is what I want). We drew people walking by, people eating, the men and women behind the counter, the maintenance workers. So many people.

I have to thank John and Bill because, honestly, I was the only one who NEEDED to be there. I was had to be at the mall to get my phone battery changed out at the Apple store. It was a process that took over two hours. A few days before, I proposed that we all hang out, and they very kindly agreed. So, yesterday, we talked shop and drew. John drew in pencil and pen in his large spiral-bound sketchbook. I drew with a Micron Pigma ink pen 005 on a small pad of cheap newsprint. Bill had brought some folded sheets of copy paper and drew with a ball point. We ate some lunch, I got the phone. A good day! Bill, a man of few words, said as we parted, "We should do this again."

If we do it again, I'll ask John and Bill if I can add their sketches to the blog here as well. In the meantime, here are a few of my sketches.

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