Monday, February 26, 2018

Michael Maslin: "And In This Corner, At 656 Pages and Weighing 9 Pounds, The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker"

Michael Maslin talks about THE COMPLETE CARTOONS OF THE NEW YORKER book. It's that GIANT hardcover that came out in 2004 that, yes, really weighed 9 pounds. There were also two DVD-ROMs in there that had all of the cartoons to date.

"Picking up a 9 pound book is a commitment — it’s best looked at while it rests on a coffee table or heavy-duty plank of wood. Once anchored, the page-turning experience is highly enjoyable. The large format (11″ X 13″) allows the cartoons a lot of breathing room on the page."

This was followed up by the paperback edition two years later, that had more pages and all of the cartoons now on one DVD-ROM. Michael notes

"... it’s a lot lighter than the hardcover so you can pick it up and sit back with it. No coffee table necessary. The single DVD-Rom adds approximately 1700 cartoons."

There will be a 1,536 page book THE NEW YORKER ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARTOONS coming out this fall.

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