Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Video: Miss Peach of the Kelly School - The Annual Kelly School Heart-Throb Ball (1982)

Here's an episode of the short-lived 1982 live action puppet series MISS PEACH OF THE KELLY SCHOOL, based on (of course) Mell Lazarus' long-running (1957 - 2002) MISS PEACH syndicated comic strip.

The videos featured a live actress and puppet versions of the children characters. Here's the complete "Annual Kelly School Heart-Throb Ball." There were five different specials distributed by Carousel Film and Video. The others include the first day of school, career day, and the spring picnic. the voice cast includes SCTV's Martin Short and Robin Duke.

1982 was also the year that Mell received the Reuben Award, the "Oscar" of cartooning, presented by the National Cartoonists Society.

Happy Valentine's Day!

More information from one of the guys who was there at the Flexitoon blog. 

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DBenson said...

I remember catching a bit of this on TV and wondering why they didn't at least give the actress Miss Peach's hairstyle.

Checked and noticed that Mel Lazarus produced both Miss Peach and Momma for years before closing down Miss Peach. Did Miss Peach fall that much in popularity, or was Momma that much bigger a hit, or was Lazarus simply tired of doing two strips?