Monday, April 22, 2019

From the Dick Buchanan Files: New Yorker Luminaries 1933 - 1942

I'm away from the studio, so it's great when it comes to blog-time, I can ask a friend to contribute. Dick Buchanan is such a friend. From his Greenwich Village apartment full of gag cartoons, he has assembled a generous sampling of seven great gag cartoonists. Thanks and take it away, Dick!


      (1933 – 1942)

The Cartoon Clip File contains cartoons by the great, near-great and the not so great. This selection of cartoons is by the great . . . Charles Addams, Whitney Darrow, Jr., William Steig, Syd Hoff, Barbara Shermund and Richard Taylor. These were some of the artists who became identified with The New Yorker.  One may surmise The New Yorker was the first to look at their work, but it couldn’t publish everything.  Undaunted by New Yorker rejection, these cartoonists would proceed to submit them to other magazines, and the first in line would be Collier’s.  The second most prestigious cartoon market in those days was Collier’s, followed closely by The Saturday Evening Post and, while it was still publishing, Life. Most of these cartoonists continued to appear in Collier’s until its demise in 1956, albeit less frequently as the years passed. Here is an assortment of cartoons, from Life and Collier’s from the 1930’s and early 1940’s, by seven artists considered by most to be New Yorker luminaries.

1. CHARLES ADDAMS. Collier’s September 10, 1938.

2. CHARLES ADDAMS. Collier’s June 10, 1939.

3. CHARLES ADDAMS. Collier’s March 4, 1939.

4. WHITNEY DARROW, Jr. Life May, 1936.

5. WHITNEY DARROW, Jr. Collier’s July 19, 1941.

 6. WHITNEY DARROW, Jr. Collier’s September 4, 1941.

7. RICHARD DECKER. Life January, 1935.

8. RICHARD DECKER. Collier’s September 25, 1937.

9. RICHARD DECKER. Collier’s June 10, 1939.

10. SYD HOFF. Collier’s March 4, 1939.

11. SYD HOFF. Collier’s January 6, 1940.

12. SYD HOFF. Collier’s May 2, 1941.

13. BARBARA SHERMUND. Collier’s September 10, 1938.

14. BARBARA SHERMUND. Collier’s April 6, 1940.

15. BARBARA SHERMUND. Collier’s April 18, 1942.

16. WILLIAM STEIG. Collier’s January 28, 1939

17. WILLIAM STEIG. Collier’s April 6, 1940.

18. WILLIAM STEIG. Collier’s April 18, 1942.

19. RICHARD TAYLOR. Collier’s May 13, 1939.

20. RICHARD TAYLOR. Collier’s January 6, 1940.

21. RICHARD TAYLOR. Collier’s May 10, 1940.  

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