Thursday, April 18, 2019

"He has dementia, but cartoonist Gahan Wilson still sees humor in the world"

Gahan Wilson's stepson, Paul Winters, has put together a GoFundMe campaign to help with the medical costs associated with a memory care facility. 

"Gahan is suffering from severe dementia. We have helped him through the stages of the disease and he is currently not doing very well."

He had raised just over $59,000 of the $100,000 goal. Please consider contributing. I have.

Here's a recent Arizona Republic article by Karina Bland about Gahan Wilson and how he's doing now.
"Gahan has dementia. In March, his wife of 53 years, Nancy Winters, died. 
"'She was his guide through the world,' [Gahan's stepson] Paul said. Nancy was an author. They had been living in an assisted living facility. Gahan couldn't stay on his own."
Gahan still draws, although not for publication. And he has good days and bad. 

"Paul and Patty [Winters] work in the film business. They are moving to a ranch in New Mexico with Gahan. There's a memory care facility nearby where the residents keep chickens and goats. Gahan will like that.

"He'll continue to draw, finding humor in the world around him.
"'I think that's the most lovely thing about humor,' Gahan said. 'It can take kind of grim stuff and turn it into a joke and destroy it therefore, so it goes away. 
"'It's a lucky thing we've got it, our sense of humor.'"

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