Monday, April 01, 2019

The Holiday Book by "The Real Bob Dole"

Robert J. Dole (1925 - 2013), was born and lived in Des Moines, Iowa. He was a radioman on a US Navy vessel in World War II. After the war, he began a long career utilizing his art and wit, working for Meredith Publishing and Hallmark Cards. In the 1970s, he relocated to a home near Blue Spring, Arkansas. He continued working from his home. 

From his obituary The Lovely County Citizen:

"Soon after arriving here he abandoned his vehicle and could often be seen walking to town along highway 62. A dedicated lover of nature he relished being outside and found joy in every season. In retirement he was successful in helping to establish Ninestone Land Trust, a 400 acre conservation land trust dedicated to preserving the diversity and natural beauty of a piece of the Ozarks that he so dearly loved. Known affectionately as 'The Real Bob Dole,' he spent his last years taking long walks or sitting comfortably on his front porch for hours and hours with a cat on his lap at 'Land's End.' To all who knew him he will be remembered as a warm, kind and gracious man. He leaves behind a brother John, in Arizona and a brother Bill, in Texas and many friends who will miss him."
Bob Dole was part of the "new" look for greeting cards, with its crazy humor and wacky cartoon style. His minimalist approach along with a real "out there" sense of wit made him a great creator for the new line of Contemporary Cards that Hallmark was creating under the direction of Mad Magazine artist Paul Coker, Jr.

Here's a brief sample of Bob Dole's great cartooning. It's just one of his great crazy stories from The Holiday Book, written and drawn by Bob Dole. It's copyright Hallmark Cards, but there is no date. My guess is that it's from the 1960s.


GREETINGS, DEARIE! Paul Coker, Jr. and Greeting Cards


Sam Henderson said...

Looks a lot like Jacky's Diary.

Maryann said...

I am so happy to find info on Bob Dole and his illustrations on your site. When I was in high school in the 70's, I collected his drawings and recently found them in a memento box. I was a huge fan! Would you like to see what I have? I can scan and email if you like. Again, thanks for posting his work. He sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Mike Lynch said...

Maryann, that would be a lot of fun to see!

Unknown said...

I bought this book from a neighborhood Hallmark store when I was a child and still have it, having memorized all the stories long ago. It still makes me laugh. For several decades, I thought this may have been written by Senator Bob Dole as a special project for Hallmark, so I appreciate now knowing who is the actual author.