Friday, April 05, 2019

Interview: After Losing Home in Northern California Wildfires, Cartoonist Brian Fies Shares His ‘Fire Story’

KQED has a nearly hour-long interview with my friend Brian Fies, whose house -- as well as his entire neighborhood -- was destroyed by wildfire in 2017. His new autobiographical book, A FIRE STORY, is out from Abrams this month and depicts what happened.

From the KQED Radio site:

Cartoonist Brian Fies started drawing the story of his family’s evacuation from the Tubbs Fire just one day after his Santa Rosa home burned down. KQED turned that comic into an animated video that got more than two million views and won a regional Emmy Award. Now, Fies has released a graphic novel “A Fire Story”which follows his family, and others affected by the 2017 California wildfires. We’ll talk with Fies about the book, the response he’s received in the community and his process of rebuilding.
KQED Arts: Watch a Santa Rosa Cartoonist's 'Fire Story' Come to Life  
(Note: This video contains some profanity.)

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