Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sketchbook: True Covid-19 Stories Late March 2020

Or, if you prefer, Covid Comics! Shelter-in-Place Stories!

Here are some drawings I did. They are mostly true. All drawn freehand in a little sketchbook, and then photographed on the arm of the couch under a decent lamp.

Staying fit at home:

Going to the grocery store:

Now that all of the talking heads on the TV news shows are skyping/facetiming from their homes, I get hung up on looking behind then and seeing what the room looks like. Do they have books? Art on the wall? One anchor had some crazy wallpaper. Anyway, this is a quick comic I did.


True Covid-19 Stories


John R. Platt said...

These are great!

Kurt said...


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PennyL said...

Those are really good! I watched a Seth Meyer clip, he was in his hallway. The next clip I saw he was in his office. Said his wife kicked him out of the hallway, no one could use the main thoroughfare. Good office, full of books and messy.