Thursday, June 25, 2020

Cartoonists Laughing On the Radio

The cover of LOBSTER THERAPY AND MOOSE PICK-UP LINES by the late, great Jeff Pert. (Down East Publishing, 2018)

Two years ago this Sunday, myself, and fellow cartoonists John Klossner and (the one and only) Bill Woodman were crammed into an NPR Portland, Maine radio studio (David Jacobson joined us by phone) to chat about cartooning and the then-new cartoon collection LOBSTER THERAPY. The time, as "Maine Calling" producer/host Cindy Han had told us, zoomed by.

And the day zoomed by too. By that evening, I was back in New Hampshire. I remember I drove to the grocery store in the evening (probably to buy a celebratory bot), and switching on the radio, I heard laughter and a voice I knew. It was familiar, but it took a couple seconds to place it. It was Bill Woodman's. The station was rerunning the show; it airs live at 1pm and repeats at 8pm. I had forgotten this, so for a few seconds I was wondering who these people were, that were all laughing together and what were they laughing about?

Cindy Han sent on a note the next day:

"Thank you so much for being on Maine Calling and for putting together such a fun and interesting panel to talk about cartooning. I kept hearing from people that it was nice to hear a show where everyone kept laughing! Please send my thanks to John, Bill and David as well. They were great! (Bill left some doodles on the notepad in the studio--I'm hanging onto those treasures!)"

Here's a link to the broadcast. I'll listen to it today as well. Fond memories!

Oh, I have a few autographed copies. If interested, drop me a note at mike at mikelynchcartoons dot com. I'll draw in it as well.

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