Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Denny O'Neil 1939 - 2020

Above: Denny O’Neil writes and Neal Adams draws from a 1970 issue of DC Comics' Green Lantern/Green Arrow series.

Legendary comic book writer Dennis J. "Denny" O'Neil passed away at home of natural causes on Thursday June 11, 2020. He was 81.

Denny O'Neil will forever be linked to the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series. O'Neil wrote "socially relevant" stories, validating the perception that comics were able to tackle subjects like drug abuse and racism. Some of these comic books, beginning in 1969, were published without the Comics Code approval. They sold anyway.

He got his start at the low-paying Charlton Comics as a freelancer. When then-Charlton Editor Dick Giordano was offered a position at DC Comics, he took several freelancers, including Denny, with him. As writer and editor, O'Neil would go on to write for all of the major superheroes at DC. Later, he moved to Marvel, writing, among other things, Spider-Man.

As an editor, he is principally known for editing the various Batman titles. He also sat on the board of directors of the charity The Hero Initiative and served on its Disbursement Committee.

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