Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The Garden As of Early June 2020

It seems pretty trivial that, as fires burn in this country and in the world, I am posting about the silly little garden this year. But I am glad I have it, since I enjoy it. Here it is. Enjoy.

Here are the three new raised beds we made. That's a pile of gravel nearby.  

Here's the truck delivering five yards of fresh "garden mix" ( a 50/50 loam/compost mixture).

Now, I know what you're saying: HE MISSED THE BOXES!

Yeah, well, that's because the truck came early and the boxes weren't ready.

 Each bed is levelled and weeded.

Then a sheet of weedcloth is put down.

Then it's covered with 3/4" gravel.

 Finally, the dirt is shoveled in.

Hopefully, next time there will be plants!

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sarusa said...

This is when we need gardens!