Thursday, August 06, 2020

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Cartoon Clip Favorites 1947 - 1969

Once in a while, just for a moment, we need a break from our day ....

Oh, what am I saying?

ALL THE TIME I want a break from my day! And Dick Buchanan has just the thing: fifteen of his favorite gag cartoons from the golden age of magazine cartoons which were pulled and scanned fro his Grand Cartoon Clip File located in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village. Thank you, Dick, for helping us laugh, and thanks!


(1947 – 1969)

Here once again is a collection of vintage gag cartoons haphazardly from clipped from the pages of the great national magazines of the past and carefully arranged in random order for the amusement of one and all. Take a look . . .

1. CLYDE LAMB. 1000 Jokes Magazine Winter, 1954.

2. JOHN RUGE. True Magazine April, 1966.

3. WALT WETTERBERG. Collier’s April 29, 1955.

4. DAN McCORMICK. The Saturday Evening Post September 12, 1953.

5. IRV ROIR. Collier’s January 26, 1952.

6. STAN HUNT. The Saturday Evening Post April 6, 1957.

7. SIDNEY HARRIS. True Magazine February, 1964.

8. HARRY MACE. The Saturday Evening Post December 11. 1954.

9. LEO SALKIN. American Legion Magazine February, 1947.

10. CHON DAY. This Week Magazine February 10, 1952.

11. ORLANDO BUSINO. Argosy Magazine October, 1964.
12. REAMER KELLER. The Saturday Evening Post July 17, 1948.

13. JOHN GALLAGHER. The Saturday Evening Post November 7, 1953.

14. GARDNER REA. Collier’s August 5, 1955.

15. DICK OLDDEN. True Magazine December, 1969.

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