Wednesday, August 05, 2020

'I am being silenced over white feelings from a gag comic': Black comic artist on her work being pulled from newspapers

NBC News has picked up the story of "Six Chix" comic strip creator Bianca Xunise's anti-mask/Black Lives Matter cartoon being pulled from some papers:

"Tea Fougner, editorial director at King Features, the comic strip’s syndicate, confirmed to NBC News that angry responses to the strip resulted in some newspapers dropping 'Six Chix' from publication entirely. 
"While the company is not allowed to share the names of its clients, Fougner said, an apology was printed at an undisclosed newspaper in the comic’s usual spot later in the week."

"'I am not apologizing for this comic and this censorship,' Xunise said. 'I am being silenced over white feelings from a gag comic. This is a complete step back in the wrong direction.'

"'The editors at whatever newspaper it lands at should’ve read the comics and flagged it if they got offended,' Xunise said. 'I’m just an artist; that’s your job.'"

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