Friday, August 21, 2020

Midcentury American Greetings "7 Cheer Cards" Greeting Card Packet


Here's an artifact from American Greetings, a midcentury pack of get well cards. There are seven in this pack, each meant to be mailed a day apart. As usual, no art credit is made, nor a date. But I would guess this is from the 60s. Just look at these sweet graphics and funny riddles. Well, kinda funny. You get a riddle a day, and you have until the next day to guess the answer.

The paper it was sprinted on does have flecks in it. I think (if you look at the very last image) that all 7 cards and envelopes sold for fifty cents.



And here's the back of the envelope that the cards were sold in:


GREETINGS, DEARIE! Paul Coker, Jr. and Greeting Cards

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