Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Hy Eisman: A Life in Comics Feature Documentary


Hy Eisman has been in comics for about 70 years. He continues to this day to draw two seminal syndicated features: The Katzenjammer Kids and Popeye. He has been drawing professionally longer than anyone else I can think of. And he is the subject of a new documentary, if we can help raise the funds to do so.

Marco Cutrone and Vincent Zambrano are spearheading this GoFundMe fundraiser to get the money to finish and distribute a new documentary "Hy Eisman: A Life in Comics." Take a look:

From the GoFundMe page:

"If you haven’t heard of cartoonist Hy Eisman, it’s most likely because you were too busy being entertained by his humorous images of the longest running cartoon strip The Katzenjammer Kids and very popular cartoon, Popeye to bother looking at the credits at the bottom of the strip.  Eisman was born in 1927 and has been entertaining us with his charming storylines since entering into comics in 1950. Hy Eisman has been granted several of the cartoon industry’s most respected awards as he continues to bring us laughter through his satirical drawings and continues to do so, today.  Hy Eisman is a man who has made a lifelong commitment to the arts and succeeded in an industry that has undergone transformation time and again.  Against all odds, he has overcome many hurdles as a comic artist, stemming from his years at an orphanage and extreme financial hardships from early childhood.  If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Eisman, we would sense no sign of his difficult past, and how he has battled upward into a career notorious for its many flaws and uncertainties.  Hy Eisman remains a perfect gentleman to everyone he meets, as he shares his lifetime accounts as the respected artist he has become known as." 

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