Friday, July 31, 2020

King Features "Six Chix" Dropped from Newspaper Due to "Inappropriate and Offensive" Cartoon

Bianca Xunise, who is one of King Features' "Six Chix" cartoonists, has gotten some criticisms of one of her cartoons resulting in a newspaper getting rid of the feature entirely.

She says on her Twitter account:

"So apparently the angry responses got my comic dropped from some newspapers and an apology that I did not approve of is running in its place. For the record I do not apologize for this comic and this is censorship."

Here's the comic and the newspaper funnies page apology (above) to its readers.

More at The Daily Cartoonist, which points out that the newspaper "can’t even be bothered to run the right credits: Bannerman, Xunise, Konar, Lawton, Patrinos & Piro."

Hat tip to Derf Backderf!


August 3, 2020, NBC News: 'I am being silenced over white feelings from a gag comic': Black comic artist on her work being pulled from newspapers

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