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From the Dick Buchanan Files: The Search for Happiness Part One: The Mating Game 1949 - 1959

Dick Buchanan has a special entry of cartoons today and tomorrow. And it has to do with a constitutionally protected pursuit!

Part two is here.

Thank you and take it away, Dick!


Part One: The Mating Game
(1949 – 1959)

When the Cartoon Clip File is sorted by subject, the largest file by far is the one marked The Search for Happiness. It contains cartoons dealing with love and marriage--a source of humor for centuries, if not longer. Having nothing better to do, we’ve selected some typical gag cartoons from this voluminous file and arranged them in our version of chronological order.

The Search for Happiness is collection of gag cartoons, haphazardly clipped from the pages of the great national magazines of the mid-20th century which clearly illustrate each step of the journey. Part One is the story from the first meeting to proposal. Take a look!

DISCLAIMER: The actions portrayed in these cartoons were intended to show the humorous side of the mating experience. They bear no resemblance to actual persons or behavior which may, or may not, have been common practice then or now.

1. BOB BARNES. American Magazine June, 1950.

2. SALO ROTH. Collier’s July 18, 1953.

3. MARY GIBSON. Collier’s November 24, 1951.

4. ROY FOX. The Saturday Evening Post February 21, 1948.

5. GEORGE KESNER. The Saturday Evening Post August 31, 1957.

6. JAN AND STAN BERENSTAIN. Collier’s June 17, 1950.

7. VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier’s April 29, 1955.

8. WALTER GOLDSTEIN. The Saturday Evening Post January 6, 1951.

9. GUSTAV LUNDBERG. Collier’s December 9. 1950.

10. TOM HENDERSON. American Legion Magazine February, 1963.

11. GEORGE WOLFE. American Legion Magazine April, 1959.

12. LARRY FRICK. American Magazine April, 1951.

13. JERRY MARCUS. Collier’s July 1, 1950.

14. LEW FOLLETTE. Collier’s October 18, 1948.

15. STAN FINE. Look Magazine May 12, 1959.

16. MORT TEMES. The Saturday1 Evening Post March 19, 1955.

17. GEORGE CRENSHAW. American Magazine February, 1950.

18. BILL KING. Collier’s June 10, 1950.

19. WALTER GOLDSTEIN. The Saturday Evening Post October 3, 1953.

20. FRANK O’NEAL. The Saturday Evening Post October 3, 1953.

21. GARDNER REA. Look Magazine September 16, 1958.

22. MELL LAZARUS. The Saturday Evening Post February 11, 1950.

23. DAVID PASCAL. 1000 Jokes Magazine Fall, 1952.

24. WALTER GOLDSTEIN. The Saturday Evening Post September 10, 1949.

25. BORIS DRUCKER. The Saturday Evening Post June 11, 1949.

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