Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Garden As of July 15, 2020

Here it is, bushy and green and ... SUDDEN REALIZATION! I'm going to be overrun with vegetables. (Ha ha. I just noticed you can see my neighbor's garden in the background to the left, with its scarecrow. My neighbor asked his girlfriend what they should name it, and she said, "Mike." Yeah. Really. And what did I ever do to them? No respect, I tell ya.)

Baby Roma tomatoes. 


Tiny cucumbers.

Not shown: carrots, radishes and peppers.

Here's a parade of dill, basil, parsley, flowers:


The Garden As of Mid-May 2020
The Garden As of Early June 2020
The Garden As of June 15, 2020
The Garden As of July 1, 2020


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