Friday, July 17, 2020

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC): "Retrofocus" Vintage TV Clips

A few man-on-the-street questions of Australians from years gone past via the Australian Broadcasting Company. These are just a few of the 193 features titled Retrofocus.

From August 31, 1962, Ray Taylor asks an eclectic mix of Sydneysiders, “Is there life on other planets?”

From 1961: "Do housewives lead dull or exciting lives?" Includes this exchange:

"Have you ever considered going to work?"
"God heavens no!"

The ABC took to the streets to ask women what they looked for in a man in 1967. This episode of This Day Tonight aired on 18 May 1967.


In this ABC interview from 1974, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke makes the bold claim that one day computers will allow people to work from home and access their banking records. 

Just a few more to sample:

1960: I'm a Girl Watcher 

1965: What Did Kids Want for Christmas?

1973: Computer Predicts the End of Civilization. 

1976: People Struggle with Opening Milk Cartons 


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