Thursday, July 30, 2020

How to Hand Letter Comics Using the Ames Guide

Above: a hand lettering guide by Bob McLeod.

Hand lettering is something that fewer and fewer cartoonists do, what with the ability to work 100% digitally. Personally, I like hand-drawn lettering just because it looks, well, "drawn." It's more part of the drawing when it's generated by hand instead of by pixel and app. And when you draw on paper, then you later have the actual original in your hands, to display in a gallery show or sell.

For those who are still interested in the old school, hand-drawn lettering aspect of cartooning, here's some links.

Salgood Sam has a great couple of videos that will tell you all about the dos and don't of hand lettering using an Ames Lettering Guide. It will help you keep your letters uniform and evenly spaced.

The Webcomics site has a primer on using the Ames Lettering Guide.

Drawing Words and Writing Pictures also has a great how-to guide to using the Ames Lettering Guide.

Art of the Comic Book has a technical step-by-step instruction.

The Alvin Ames Lettering Guide is easily available in stores and online.

Dick Blick

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