Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Vintage Tool Lots

This is one of these oddball entries today (i.e., NOT cartoons or even cartoon-related). Allow me to indulge you with some photos of vintage tools. I like the look and shapes of these old tools. All of these are pictures from eBay, and none are actual tools that I own. I don't really want to own them. But I sure like their shapes and heft. Aren't they pretty?


Orang Basikal said...

I recognize, and in some instances have owned, some of these tools. Many are special tools made to service Model T and Model A Ford cars.

Mike Lynch said...

You are correct, Orang Basikal. Most of these tools are for those old Ford cars. My friend, the great New Yorker cartoonist George Booth used to own a Model A, and I bought a Model A book for his 93rd birthday. That's when I started getting ads for Model A and Model T stuff. To repeat myself: I don't know anything about these tools, but they are gorgeous to look at.

Hmm. I should have written this at the top. Today's entry REALLY DOES have a cartoonist component! Ha ha.