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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Jaro Fabry Gag Cartoons 1943 - 1952

Today, Dick Buchanan does a deep dive with a selection of gag cartoons from one particular gag cartoonist. Well known in his time, and widely published, Jaro Fabry (1912-1953), passed away at his home at 809 Bronx River Road at the age of thirty eight. His death was described as unexpected, wrote the New York Times. His work, like the glamorous world it depicted, has faded away, but Dick has a lot more examples from his expansive Cartoon Clip File. Thanks, and take it away, Dick!


Gag Cartoons 1943 - 1952

Many of the gag cartoonists whose work appeared in the national weekly magazines during the mid-20th century were full time freelancers. But there were many others for whom gag cartooning was a side gig. One of the most notable of these was Jaro Fabry, the brilliant artist and illustrator who chronicled the glamorous Golden Age of Hollywood. Beginning in the early 1930s, Fabry illustrated Hollywood nightlife, alluring pinups and good girls for more than two decades. 

Born in 1912, Fabry attended Yale and the Art Students League. Fabry was part of Collier’s great stable of artists, contributing 10 covers and many gag cartoons to the magazine over the years. His drawings also appeared in The New Yorker, Esquire, Harper’s, Cinema Arts and True Magazine among others.
A wonderful collection of his work, Jaro Fabry: The Art of Fashion, Style, And Hollywood In The 1930s, was published by Hermes Press in 2014.

Here, extracted from the Cartoon Clip File, is a collection of Jaro Fabry’s gag cartoons . . .

1. JARO FABRY. Collier’s October 23, 1943.

2. JARO FABRY. Collier’s November 11, 1945.


3. JARO FABRY. Collier’s September 14, 1946.


4. JARO FABRY. Collier’s September 21, 1946.


5. JARO FABRY. Collier’s November 30, 1946.


6. JARO FABRY. Collier’s May 31, 1947.


7. JARO FABRY. Collier’s August 2, 1947.


8. JARO FABRY. Collier’s September 20, 1947.


9. JARO FABRY. Collier’s November 29, 1947.


10. JARO FABRY. Collier’s October 30, 1948.


11. JARO FABRY. True Magazine November , 1948.


12. JARO FABRY. 1000 Jokes Magazine Spring, 1950.


13. JARO FABRY. Collier’s May 20, 1950.


14. JARO FABRY. Collier’s March 1, 1952.


15. JARO FABRY. Collier’s March 22, 1952.


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