Tuesday, September 20, 2022

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Vintage Gag Cartoons 1935 - 1964

There was a time when all of the major American glossy magazines had single panel gag cartoons. These were read once or twice and, like the magazines themselves, chucked in the garbage many decades ago. Thankfully, Dick Buchanan and his sharp pair of scissors saved thousands. Today, as he has over these past six years, Dick has a batch of N.O.S for you. What is N.O.S? Here's Dick:


(1935 – 1964)

Here’s some N.O.S. That’s “New Old Stuff, in this case the stuff is a collection of more vintage gag cartoons clipped from the pages of the great magazines of the 20th century. Perhaps you’re old enough to have seen these cartoons in the magazines in which they were published. Or maybe you came across some of them later in book collections. Now, of course, these days the main source for all sorts of vintage gag cartoons is the Cartoon Clip File, maintained somewhere in New York’s scenic Greenwich Village. Here are some new additions . . . Take a look.

1. HANK KETCHAM. The Saturday Evening Post May 21, 1949.


2. BILL YATES. The Saturday Evening Post May 2, 1964.


3. ROWLAND WILSON. 1000 Jokes Magazine Spring, 1953.


4. RICHARD TAYLOR. Collier’s April 25, 1942.


5. BEN WICKS. True Magazine June, 1964.


6. BOB BARNES. American Magazine July, 1946.


7. CHON DAY. The Saturday Evening Post March 16, 1946.


8. LEONARD DOVE. Look Magazine August 25, 1964.


9. NED HILTON. Life Magazine January, 1935.


10. SIVIC (Sid Gordin) This Week Magazine February 17, 1946.


11. EDWIN LEPPER. Collier’s February 19, 1954.


12. AL KAUFMAN. The Saturday Review October 10, 1953.


13. JERRY MARCUS. 1000 Jokes Magazine October 10, 1953.


14. ALBERT BOIME. American Magazine March, 1955.


15. ALEX GRAHAM. Punch July 8, 1953.


16. IRWIN CAPLAN. The Saturday Evening Post May 21, 1949.


17. WALTER GOLDSTEIN. The Saturday Evening Post April 6, 1957.


18. A.E. BEARD. Punch October 14, 1953.


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