Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Garden As of September 15, 2022

Here's the garden as of the middle of September. The last couple of nights have been cold. The hummingbirds, after a weekend of frenzy and much slurping of the sugar water in the feeders, have migrated. The last two I saw on Monday night. Only the zinnias seem to like the fall weather, blooming and reblooming. 

Another angle on the zinnias.

The remains of the Queen Anne's Lace in front of a small raised bed.

The tomatoes are near the end, but there is still a good amount of green tomatoes.

Not much to see here.

I will have to pick some of the green ones and have them ripen inside.

The back yard. Color fading.

A few of the roses are blooming.

Inside with "Tank," who loves head scratches.

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