Friday, September 09, 2022

National Cartoonists Society: Drawing Inspiration: Cartoonists' Collections NYC Gallery Show Opening


I was in New York for a reception for the "Drawing Inspiration: Cartoonists' Collections" gallery show at the Century Club last night. It was a lovely affair, full of old cartoonist friends and some new faces. Here are a few pics.

Arnie and Caroline Roth in front of one of his originals. A number of the original cartoons were from his personal collection. 

Two great cartoonists: Roz Chast and Liza Donnelly.

Award-winning actor John Lithgow dropped in to say hello to Arnie.


Here is the woman who curated the show (I'm sorry. I didn't get her name.) and NCS Prez Jason Chatfield and Maria Scrivan.

Myself, John Reiner and Arnie Roth.

Arnie signing a book that I originally bought in 1976 at Randall Park Mall in Cleveland, OH, "The Comick Book of Pets." It was my introduction to his work.

He said, "I'm going to make it out to THE Mike. You're not just any Mike, you're THE Mike, okay?" Who am I to argue?

Some of the originals on display. Above: Charles Addams (but you knew that).

Peter Arno

James Stevenson

Barry Blitt

Ludwig Bemelmans. This is an illustration from an early children's book I believe.

Don Martin

Gary Panter

Leo Cullum


William Steig


And the guest book in progress. Pro Tip: sign with your own thicker pen! Ha ha ha.

It was a whirlwind overnight trip and it was great to see everyone. I am so fortunate to know these wonderful people who draw. They are legends.

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