Monday, December 18, 2006

Mike Lynch Cartoon in FUNNY TIMES

OK, we're going to go from Michael Stivic to James Bond here, and then connect it to a cartoon I drew. readyt? Then let's begin.

I have a new cartoon in the latest FUNNY TIMES issue. FUNNY TIMES, by the way, has a new and improved Web site.

I always remember that gag from an ALL IN THE FAMILY episode where Michael Stivic (Rob Reiner) rants about how all the stuff you buy is labeled "new and improved."

"What was the old stuff?" he rhetorically implores. "OLD AND LOUSY?!"

The gag line came about because we are getting used to changing the way media is delivered. Once or twice every decade, we all are told by large companies that will profit from the change, hat we need to get the new and improved format. Writer/blogger Mark Evanier has blogged extensively about his fave movie GOLDFINGER, and the fact that he has bought it over and over, in all the formats: 3/4" tape, Beta, VHS, laser disc, and now DVD. Here's Mark:

As I explained here, I think the entire science of improving home equipment is just a sneaky plan to see how many times they can get me to buy Goldfinger. (Which reminds me: There hasn't been a new, upgraded release of that in over a month. What the hell is wrong with these people?)

-- Mark Evanier,

The idea that you GOTTA get the upgrade is prevalent. And the progression from paper to pixels (or, in this cartoon, love letters to txt msgs) is seen as a GOOD thing.

This picture is drawn in a more realistic style, and I think there is one good thing and one bad thing about it.

The good thing is the action: the woman is slaving over the stove, cooking food. (Food being the first of those 3 basic needs: food, clothing, shelter.) The guy's been playing with a gadget, selfishly not helping meet their needs.

The bad thing is that they look too specific. The woman in particular looks like she's meant to be someone in particular, when she is not. If I did a redraw, I would've made her more generic.

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