Friday, December 22, 2006

New Look for Archie

OK, if you've been reading the comics blogs then you all ready know that there is an overwhelming reaction to Steven Butler's "reimagining" of Archie. At left, a pencilled page that was posted at The Beat (and much more info. there as well).

The reaction is that this idea is like New Coke or it's like redesigning Charlie Brown. It just ain't done.

Archie has all ready have manga-ized Sabrina, and I hear it's sellling well. Regardless, this seems jarring and wrong on the part of Archie executives.

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Brian Fies said...

On the long list of possible Crimes Against Comics, this isn't one I'm too upset about. Archie had some key creators, esp. Montana and DeCarlo, but it's largely a corporate property now. I don't care if Superman is drawn manga-style and don't much care if Archie is drawn more realistically. If readers like it, it'll sell; if they don't, it won't. It's all part of the creative churn.

Of course, everyone's view of Sacred Childhood Icons varies... But I think the situation is different when it involves remaking or betraying a singular creative vision such as Schulz's.