Friday, December 29, 2006

NYC NCS Get Together 12/28/06

The NYC Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society got together the night of December 28, 2006, at the Society of Illustrators on East 63rd.

Dan Piraro adds a page to the NYC NCS sketchbook.

Mike Lynch, Irwin Hasen, Arnold Roth.

Chari Pere looks on as Nina Paley reads one of her own comics in front of her.

Tony Murphy and Dan Piraro

The SI has been around for many years, and the walls are full of wonderful items. Above, what looks like a program from April 17, 1917.

Some great WWII era cheesecake.

No ID on the above photo. My guess is that that's Osborn in the middle. I think there's a "loose lips" kinda message going on -- but that's just a guess.

Another piece in the hallway on your way to the bathrooms. Like I said, everywhere you turn there's a great piece of art.

Illustrators were better dressed back then.

And here's the gang at the SI bar/restaurant.

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