Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Eli Stein on the Four Cartoonist Roth Brothers

Gag cartoonist Eli Stein blogs about the Roth brothers, who, under different names, cartooned for the major magazine markets. In his entry, he shows us some sample pages of their art & photos that were part of a brochure for Lawrence Lariar's The Professional School of Cartooning circa 1947-78.

Eli, I loved that story from your 1983 Israel trip!

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Eli Stein said...

Thanks again, Mike. With your encouragement, I'll be glad to post the photos and sample cartoons of the other instructors of "The Professional School of Cartooning". Besides the Roth brothers and Lawrence Lariar, they were Henry Boltinoff, George Wolfe, Ed Nofziger and Adolph Schus. These are all names from the past that should be familiar to you, as a chronicler of the history of gag cartooning. And what a great job you're doing in that respect!
Look for my posting in the future, but it might take a little time.