Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Profession Mangaka Documentary by Benoît Peeters

Belgian comics writer Benoît Peeters has a documentary on YouTube titled "Profession Mangaka" about (what else?) manga.

It's part of a series of documentaries titled COMIX that have been shown on European television. In this episode, 3 manga creators are interviewed: Usumaru Furuya, Jiro Taniguchi, and Kiriko Nananan.

The film is in German. If you don't speak or read German (like me), it's still interesting and easy to follow.

The documentary is in three parts:

Mangaka 1/3

Mangaka 2/3

Mangaka 3/3

Here's a description from a Google-translated TV schedule Web site.

Profession mangaka
Directed by: Benoît Peeters

The wave manga is currently expected to descend on Europe. In Japan, which is already a social phenomenon: everyone reads manga, the albums cover all the possible topics, in every style imaginable. This part of the documentary series "Comix" discover the universe and the methods of work of three very different authors. Usumaru Furuya workshop works with a team to produce a series of action as the soap opera "Pi". Jiro Taniguchi, l'auteur de Jiro Taniguchi, author of "Neighborhood distant," also works in a workshop, but his approach is more introspective, more intimate. Finally, the young Kiriko Nananan creates alone, a new form of manga specifically designed for girls.

Related: French cartoonist Olivier Martin lives and works in Japan for two years, soaking up manga style in this 3 part film: part one, part two, and part three.

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