Monday, January 14, 2008

Lynn Johnston Ending FBoFW Hybrid Strips

According to this article, Lynn Johnston is bagging her hybrid strip idea and just letting the FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE go into reruns.

I thought the hybrid was an odd idea, but recently she's been doing a strong mix of new material, moving the story of Elizabeth forward in particular, with a little bit of the old cartoons from the early 1980s. But the hybrid idea is like oil and vinegar. A big problem is that early FBoFW looks jarringly different than older FBoFW.

It's too bad that there will be another rerun on the comics pages. But the newspaper comics are like TV now: something for everyone. So, she'll join the late Mr. Schulz in being kinda the Nick at Nite of the comics page.

H/t to Journalista!

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