Monday, January 07, 2008

Dirk Deppey's 50 Best Comics of 2007

I've been reading all of Dirk Deppey's best comics picks for 2007. Dirk is a writer and an editor with The Comics Journal. He produces the Journalista! news site, a daily must-read that covers the world of comics.

I've read a few of the comics he cites, haven't heard of a lot of them, and have heard of a few. I really enjoyed his opinions and I am going to pick up a couple of these.

The thing about Dirk is that he's an omnivore, devouring superhero comics, manga, literary graphic novels, reprints of newspaper comic strips, Web comics, etc. This is worth your time and then some, particularly if you're curious.

We're in a great time for comics. There is so much that's out there, on the shelves and on screen. As Dirk says in his intro:

"Any way you add it up, 2007 was a fantastic year for comics entering the English-language market from all over the world, both in print and online. I bought so many good comics this year that I'm surprised I didn't wind up in bankruptcy court — and there were still an unholy number of critically lauded works that I missed."
Image from the graphic novel THE ARRIVAL by Shaun Tan, that went out of print shortly before the Holidays. My copy, I am told, will get to me by next week.

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