Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are Closed Parens Easter Eggs?

This should be subtitled "how to use clip art without using clip art."

From a flyer I picked up in Rochester, NH -- with a closed parentheses at the top of the page, posing as an egg graphic.

The Rochester Fashion Bug store sponsors an Easter egg hunt. "These eggs contain prizes!" we are told.

OK, it's a week late for an Easter egg hunt, but, well there it is. Better late than never. Nice of them to do it for the kiddies.

"Either being % off items, Vendors have put items in these eggs or the egg you pull might only have candy."

I suppose that this garbled Fashion Bug press roll out means that some of the kids are gonna get coupons and not chocolate. Ooh! Look out for paper cuts, kids! If I was a kid, I would cry. I want chocolate!

Hopefully, the tykes will be hunting for real eggs and not closed parentheses.

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