Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Real Life "Neighborhood Ninja" Protects Small Town

It's always a laugh til someone gets their eye poked out.

When things are going wrong, we can all use a Superman to put things right. A pajama-clad ninja is doing just that for a small town in Kent, UK. 'Ninja' protecting Kent spa town of Tunbridge Wells is the latest in a series of articles about a real life young fellow (identity unknown) who
" ... has tackled garage break-ins and conducted night patrols.

"The vigilante, who has so far remained anonymous, is posting his exploits in the Kent spa town on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

"He also says he has reunited missing cats with their owners and warned drivers when they risk parking fines."

Sure, this sounds like fun and the fellow's heart seems like it's in the right place, but what do police say? The Neighborhood Ninja tweeted:

"Don't worry Chief Inspector of Kent Police, you have nothing to fear from me, I am on your side. I'll leave my nunchuks at home."

Yes, well, here's hoping no one gets their eye poked out.

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